In celebration of Parchow Groundworks new website, kicking things off as part of our news updates is a meet and greet with one of our very own directors. Meet Kieran Shalloe – with 15 years in the industry, Kieran has now been part of the Parchow family for a year and in that time is determined to leave his mark in construction. As the driving force behind modernising aspects of the business, Kieran has brought his wealth of experience and exuberance to really push Parchow Groundworks to ever greater heights.

Q) Hi Kieran, thanks for sparing a few minutes of your time, we know how busy you are! Please tell us your plans for Parchow Groundworks and your role in driving our growth:

A) No problem at all. In the immediate term, there were a few key areas I sought to improve. The first being the modernisation of systems for Quality Assurance purposes, secondly the monitoring of the quality of our output and thirdly the speed and consistency of getting our construction teams the right information. Our goal collectively is to always deliver the best possible end product on time whilst working through any hurdles that may arise. Our company ethos is based around training new and upcoming talent whilst ensuring the highest standards of Health and Safety are upheld at all times. We believe that achieving these together will allow us to provide the utmost in efficiency and to be as competitive in the market as possible.

Q) That’s great! How do you balance your work life with your personal life? What do you do to stay on top of your hectic schedule?

A) Flexibility is key. With good time management, a lot can be achieved and that is what allows for minimal impact outside the working environment.

Q) And what are your feelings on the current state of the construction industry as a whole? How can it improve and what needs to change to drive growth even further?

A) A lot of investment is needed in construction and a significant portion of that investment is needed to attract the top talent into entering the industry. As construction is continually growing, it’s essential that we are proactive in attracting the next generation, perhaps by trying to change outward perceptions of construction in general.

Q) Describe yourself in one sentence:

A) To always be in pursuit of new challenges, both personally and professionally.

Q) And finally, do you have any tips for people wanting to join the construction industry? What key skills are needed to succeed in your role?

A) Work ethic is everything. Take pride in all that you do no matter the size of the task at hand. Be proactive and don’t wait for problems to present themselves – try and anticipate future issues. Ultimately, we are building products with the aim of lasting a lifetime so the drive to succeed in this task has got to be there.